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“Research shows that people answer more honest to surveys than face-to-face interviews. For that reason and because of our advanced sampling algorithm, we can deliver reliable representative and cost-effective facts to decision-makers.” Steven Højlund

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getQueried is opinion polls made available to anyone. We want to create a community where it is easy and fun to answer questions. To do so, we enable anyone to ask questions for free to very targeted audiences.

Through our community, anyone including researchers, media and businesses can query a specific audience about their opinion and attitude. With our advanced sampling algorithm, we want to enable anyone to make better decisions based on representative samples of users. That will give decision-makers the facts they need to make the right decisions.

What getQueried does

getQueried is an advanced Questions and Answers service (Q&A) that connects a question to multiple answers.

The platform works on a free iOS mobile app and on web (coming soon). Users can ask questions for free but more advanced features such as advanced sampling, representative data and large samples are selected in a self-service model with pay as you go or subscription.

getQueried is the ideal choice for media, market researchers, NGOs, municipalities, startups and design companies that need fast, cost-effective, reliable and representative data for business decisions or knowledge-building. Anyone can try it for free.

“With getQueried, media and researchers will be able to query about important matters and get quick facts about people’s attitudes. For example could a Danish shoe producer test which colors their new models for the Asian market should have — we could gather information for them in a fast and cost-efficient way.” Steven Højlund

How we do it

We believe that anyone in the World is entitled to voice their opinion. Therefore, we strive to make that as easy as possible for our users. It is free to become a user.

We have created a Questions & Answers community, where anyone can ask for people’s opinions for free. Answers are easily shared on social platforms and users can win prizes when they answer each other’s queries.

To make queries more fun and engaging we decreased the completion time to 1 minute and gamified the experience. Users get a data feedback, so that they are informed about the results of the queries they answered. We think it is fair to reward our users for their time on our platform, so users automatically participate in prize draws when they answer queries.

“We focus on delivering the best user-experience to our users. Queries should not be longer than 1 minute and users should be rewarded in a transparent manner for their time and effort. With Facebook and Social Media, we see that social motivation is more powerful than monetary reward when it comes to answering queries. Therefore, we have made a community where people can query each other easily and at no cost. This is the future of opinion polls.” Steven Højlund

Company profile

getQueried is a Danish limited company founded by Steven Højlund. In 2015, he was joined by co-founder Christian Thode Larsen and the first full-time employee was hired in September 2015. The company is based in Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship and currently employs 11 people. getQueried has received 1 mio. DKK in angel investment and a public grant of 450.000 DKK.


Steven Højlund (CEO) earned his PhD from Copenhagen Business School in 2015. He got the idea to start getQueried at Stanford University during a research stay. When he returned to Denmark, he got in contact with his high school friend, Christian Thode Larsen (CTO), who was finalising his PhD in machine learning techniques from the Danish Technical University. Christian had developed his skills in research collaboration with Harvard and was quickly convinced about the potential in automated and self-service opinion polls.

Results and traction

getQueried got traction from September when both Steven and Christian had completed their PhDs. Two developers were hired on a full-time basis making the iOS release possible the 1st February 2016. By the end of 2015, 10,000 people have signed up to getQueried’s services and more than 50,000 have used getQueried’s quiz- and query services.

Contact info

Porcelænshaven 26, 1st floor
2000 Frederiksberg
Denmark, Europe

Phone: +45 53 53 98 95


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App Description

With the getQueried App you can ask and answer questions from your friends as well as randomly selected people nearby. See their answers to questions and learn what they think. Win prizes when you help other people with their questions.


  • Answer questions and share your thoughts
  • Follow your friends and interesting people and find out what they think
  • Win prizes when answering other people’s queries
  • Receive statistically feedback from a powerful sampling algorithm
  • Ask your friends for their opinion
  • Target your audience within distance, gender and age group
  • Ask and answer anonymously
  • Define up to four closed answer-categories
  • Be anonymous when asking and answering