My name means ‘Beloved’ in Old French according to Wikipedia. But who really knows, it maybe Irish or Eskimo-ish.

One day — I started to hear “beloved” in my head — and it wouldn’t stop. Whether it was from the Holy Spirit or an e-mail or a post from Facebook — I decided to take that word to heart and run with it. To live the word out as my identity. To know that I am “dearly beloved” by Him oh so endlessly. Then I find out my name means so.

Thanks mom, or e-mo, (or dad? God?) for choosing this name for me when you decided that my Korean name wouldn’t flow with the Kiwis.

I try to think that I’m boring, but I’m really not. I have many thoughts that rush through my mind everyday that may trigger somebody. Now that I have the chance to sit down and assemble my thoughts, I am dying to speak them out loud to somebody.

So here’s my blog.

So here’s my first post.