How I Lost 20lbs in 40 Days (without Diet or Exercise)

This is how I lost 20lbs. in 40 days, without diet or exercise. I did 5 things that I explain with the acrostic S.A.V.O.R.

Last year at this time I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I felt awful. I was the heaviest I had every been in my life.

I took the first step. I made a decision. I decided I had to change. The first step is always in the mind.

In the past I had a desire to lose weight. I would even take a step. I would by a piece of exercise equipment. Or I would buy a box of protein bars that I swore I would eat instead of lunch everyday.

Desire is not decision. Unless you make a decision, in this case to drop a few pounds, it will never happen. The etymology of decision is to cut or kill. This is why people hate making decisions. Decision mean inviting pain or killing options.

I don’t like pain. I hate limiting my options. In past attempts at losing weight, I would reward myself with a snack if I got on the treadmill. Have you ever played that game? Or I would deny myself one meal, only to eat twice as many calories at the next. I had not killed any options, I was merely shuffling desires.

So last October, I lost 20 lbs. (9 kgs) in 40 days. I did not exercise at all. I did not change what I ate. The real kicker is I started enjoying food more. Want to know how I did it? I followed these 5 things that I made into the acrostic S.A.V.O.R.

S is for SET. I set an ideal weight and a never-go-over weight. I wrote down 2 numbers, 15 lbs. (7 kgs) apart from each other. I have actually never achieved my ideal weight. I have started exercising, gaining muscle. I may never get to my ideal weight. That’s okay. Goals change. Setting your ideal weight is the decision. Deciding the ideal weight you have set for yourself is important. Write it down. Also, write down a weight that is your cap, a weight that you will never go over. Getting close to this weight, once achieved, is your signal that you are approaching a danger zone. This tells you an evaluation is in order. Perhaps you have lost sight of one or all of the following things.

A is for APPRECIATE. Enjoy the food you are eating! Take a bite, put the fork, spoon, or chopsticks down and appreciate what is in your mouth. Ask yourself how it tastes. This slows you down. If it doesn’t taste great, stop eating!

V is for VALUES. What principles will you eat by? I had to decide to make new eating habits. Someone may be thinking, “This sounds like a diet. I thought you said there was no diet involved?” A diet is a special course of action. It is a temporary change. I had to change (permanently) the way I was eating, not what I was eating. I have 8 principles I have adopted. I will tell you just one, because if you do this, you will lose all the weight you want. I hate feeling stuffed, so I stop when I am satisfied. You can eat or drink whatever you want, if you just eat less. This is connected to the A in S.A.V.O.R. Appreciating food makes this a lot easier. We eat so fast that by the time our brains get a chance to check in with our stomachs, we have blown past satisfaction. If you would like the other 7 values, let me know and I’ll send them to you.

O is for OBJECTIVES. This is the motivation. Answer this question for yourself: “I really want to lose weight because __________.” I had two objectives I wrote down. 1) I wanted to tuck in my shirts. I was tired of being embarrassed of my stomach and hiding it my keeping my shirts out. 2) I wanted more energy. Are you hitting the snooze 7 times every morning? Are you getting the afternoon groggies? Are you falling asleep on the couch after dinner? I’ll bet you would like to have more energy. That motivated me.

R is for RESULTS. This is the tracking part. Track your results daily. I weigh myself every morning. For the first several months, I wrote down my weight everyday. The picture above is my chart from last year. I had squares 10X10 on a sheet and wrote down that day’s weight in one of the squares. You can print a page like this here.

Doing these 5 things, I took off the pounds and have kept them off for over a year. I tuck my shirts in now! I have more energy. You can do the same. I hope this gives you the motivation you need if you have been wanting to drop some weight. Make the decision now!