I’m Interested In You. That Doesn’t Mean I’m Trying To Have Sex With You.
Megan Bruneau, M.A. RCC

Megan, what you write here is incredibly important to be read (and probably needs excessive repeating) by everybody and their children. Yet, this is something that’s so incredibly sensitive because it sits at the very core of our humanness. On one hand, our primal instinct to seek reproduction is so ingrained in our psyche that it’s hardly recognized when it boils up, and rather frankly, being one of our human urges that can bring us humans to such ecstasy, why shouldn’t we enjoy some of the exciting nuances of testing those waters? On another hand, no human should feel unsafe enough that they cannot be themselves, whatever extrovert or introvert tendencies that implies, male or female, and it’s rather frightening that our fellow humans have got signals so mixed up and distorted that a smile is interpreted as ‘please, take my clothes off immediately’. And on yet another hand, by golly, what is wrong with, should that be the method of choice, sleeping ones way to the top of the ladder?! Lord knows business men and women lie, cheat, steal, cover up, destroy, deceive, undermine, insult, intimidate, pay somebody to do it for you, and many many other tactics used in climbing that corporate success ladder, why should love and passion and pleasure not be there?!

Finally, it’s all rather scary that these waters have become (have they always been?) so very sensitive that it can become the ruin of a whole life and profession and family and.. *le sigh.

Keep your head up, Megan, keep begin that light in the world, and tell those dip-shits to go f*&# themselves.

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