The Weird Redemption of SF’s Most Reviled Tech Bro
Lauren Smiley

Tireless effort shouldn’t be tiring - not by city hall folk, not by Mother Teresa folk, not by startup programmers, not by think-tanks, not by not-for-profits, not by anybody. It’s incredibly sad to me that I can identify in this article how city leaders are jaded: ‘we’ve already tried that and it doesn’t work so let’s just keep doing this generic solution cause it’s (not) working according to our spreadsheets’; why on earth does any civic leader feel that, with such unique citizens this world has, one solution will fit all? It’s also incredibly sad recognizing how most people — read: Gopman’s connections before the problem — turned their backs on him when he started to try and tackle this problem. Mind boggling actually. That a person who (it sounds like) probably had something to do with the success of their own careers could be black balled for speaking his mind about something that he saw, albeit not so elegantly and respectfully of fellow humans but non-the-less emotionally, speaks in itself of the fear most people have of addressing things they’ve dropped into their “I am accepting the problem as normal — shrug” bag.

Reflecting on this, I think that it’s possible the startup community could have an answer, should they be given civil klout and the reigns to do so. Being scale-able, micro detailed, and small budget minded as the startup approach often is, it sounds remarkably like a grassroots solution that’s hacking it’s way towards a better tomorrow.

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