10 Starter Tips on Using Twitter for Business and Pleasure

Twitter is one of the primary ways that I’ve grown my business over the past 3+ years. These days, most of my potential clients — for both 1-on-1 coaching and speaking — are people who follow me on Twitter. It’s a platform I’ve invested a lot of energy into, and that commitment pays off.

Here’s my quick list of tips for new users:

  1. Engagement is key on Twitter if you’re going to make it work for you. Tweet, RT (“retweet”), reply, converse. Don’t simply broadcast.
  2. Share your expertise and that of others. Sharing “OPC” (other people’s content) is a best practice approach.
  3. Repeat yourself. The lifespan of tweets is usually only a few minutes, so don’t be afraid of sharing things more than once.
  4. But mix it up. Vary what you share so it’s not 5 posts all exactly the same throughout the day.
  5. Follow “regular” accounts and “influencers.” I generally make a point of following back active, non-spam/bot accounts who follow me. People you follow back can direct message you; decide how open you want to be on Twitter.
  6. Be polite but do have a personality. Be human.
  7. Use the List feature to build lists of accounts you want to make a point of checking in on regularly. Makes it easier especially as your following numbers increase.
  8. 140 characters is tried and true, but consider including polls, photos, gifs, and videos for greater engagement.
  9. Know that it takes time to learn and get comfortable with a new, ever-evolving platform w its own norms and language. That’s ok. This is at best a long-term, relationship-building tool.
  10. Have fun! Twitter can be amazing and hilarious and wonderful for your business (and life).
Me, being human :)
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