Daily Bible: No One Knows the Day

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As the liturgical year draws to a close, the readings encourage us to think about the final days, the second coming of Jesus, and the General Judgment.

The first reading from Daniel 12:1–3 describes a message Daniel received from God, foretelling a time of great distress when the Archangel Michael shall reise in defense of God’s people. God tells Daniel that after this trial God’s final judgment will reign and those faithful to the Covenant shall shine like the stars with the glory of God.

Psalm 16:5–11 expresses the trust in God that makes us one of those who will shine like the stars. If we cling to God with our whole hearts He will not let us perish.

Hebrews 10:11–18 continues teaching us about Jesus, the perfect high priest. In these verses we hear that our great high priest is also the King of Kings, who waits to put everything under His footstool having performed the perfect sacrifice that takes away the sins of those who follow Him.

In Mark 13:24–32, Jesus tells His disciples about the “end time” — the times that will precede the General Judgment. The time of tribulation He talks about — and promises will begin before their generation passes away — is the time of great persecution that the Church endured in its first 300 years. Jesus talks about the darkening of the sun and the moon. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these things will happen literally. Jesus is saying that at the General Judgment the old earth will pass away and the new Creation will be established. Jesus then describes His second coming in the same terms used by Daniel to describe His vision of the messiah. Jesus’ main message to us here is to be faithful and to be ready.

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Read Today’s Readings

Originally published at Catholic Spiritual Growth.