The American Home Shield & Frontdoor Inc. Scam

1. Hidden terms

2. Misleading Marketing

3. Stonewalling & Gaslighting

  1. Call the 1–800 number and enter in your policy information. Listen to the list of claims you’ve got entered
  2. Navigate the number tree until you talk to a CSR (Frontdoor outsources the bulk of its call centers to the Philipines.
  3. Explain to the CSR your problem. They’re always very nice and polite, but are powerless. They have to read through your entire customer service notes — if the last CSR even bothered to put them in.
  4. They will call the contractor or whomever and what will ensue is a comedy of miscommunication.
  5. You will be in this loop for weeks because no CSR will follow up. Most AHS/Frontdoor customers complain about having to wait for weeks to get a resolution
  6. One pro tip is to demand that you talk to the cancellations department. Unsurprisingly, this gets you to someone who ostensibly has the power to fix things — but they’ll ghost you too.

Bottom Line




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Frontdoor Scam

Frontdoor Scam

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