Here is how we can work together

Great stories should travel the world. Meet Fronteira.

Fronteira is an editorial studio. We believe that good stories and great writing should cross borders and reach a wide and international audience. For that reason, we have been working with partners to find, investigate, and report feature stories — in Portuguese and English.

Since 2011 we have written for some of the most well-known Brazilian magazines, such as Superinteressante, Galileu, and Piauí. We have also published books and e-books, edited full-size magazines, produced in-depth reporting, and told shorter stories.

Are you a international publication, journalist or institution?

Here is how we can work together:

We can report in English for any publication in the world. Please inquire about other languages.

Story Hunting
We have the touch and sensibility (and also the skills and resources) to find stories and characters for publications and branded content campaigns.

English to Portuguese or Portuguese to English translation for features and news pieces carried out by professionals who have the writing skills of journalists and understand the need for editors. Please inquire about other languages.

Local Fact-Checking
Publications can count on us to fact-check stories reported anywhere in Brazil. Have you recently hired a new freelancer and your correspondent needs some support? We can help.

Need a fixer in Brazil? We are here to help you.

Our work in english:

Bang Magazine
Fronteira has its very own English-language magazine called Bang. The publication focuses on true crime stories of our time: corruption, human rights violations and bloody murders.

Fronteira has received three grants from Contributoria, a platform created by The Guardian to finance independent journalism around the world; and one grant from New America, a think tank that supports high-quality and international news reporting. We are always looking out for similar opportunities!

We have written and edited several nonfiction books in Portuguese and in English. The topics have varied from the power of spiritual healing to the story of a failed high-speed train project in Brazil.

You can find them at Amazon:

Stuck in Blood-Red Mud: Indigenous People and Ranchers Trade Murders in Century-Old Land War in Brazil
How to Catch a Murderer with Facebook: A Postmodern Pursuit in One of Brazil’s Favelas
Running the joint: The Story of How Inmates Got the Keys to Their Brazilian Dungeon
A Nation In The Works: How The 1950 World Cup Came To Brazil And Why It Broke Brazilian Hearts
A Train to Bangladania: The Billion-Dollar Farce of a High Speed Train, an Italian Businessman Charged with Fraud and a Brazilian Politician.

Join us!

Can you see your organization and Fronteira working together? Do you have a great idea or pitch? We would love to hear from you. If you are outside of Brazil, please contact our International Liaison Officer:

Carla Ruas
Journalist and International Liaison Officer
Phone: +1 (202) 282–1905
Washington D.C.