Organisation of Frontend Developer Love 2019

In 2019 we’re planning to make Frontend Developer Love and Vuejs Amsterdam and our new conference AngularNL even better.

Frontend Developer Love 2018

😻Increased focus on:

>Highly technical content

Such content aims to deliver immense value to the attendees in terms of developing their skillset at present, alongside inspiring them to look more deeply into the newest updates to different technologies. This will also keep the developers up-to-date on key changes to the ecosystems of technologies they are currently using in their company, allowing them to stay “ahead of the curve”! Topics for Frontend Developer Love include: Reactjs, Angular, Vuejs, Gatsbyjs, Web performance, ReasonML and more!

>Direct Technical Advice from our Main sponsor Passionate People

Our technical content is directly advised by top industry professionals from our main sponsor and technical advising partner Passionate People. The lead developer of Passionate People, David Den Toom is one of our main technical advisors. Both helping to make the decision of which speakers and talks to accept for our conferences and also speaking and presenting at our events! He built a project recently for our Vuejs Roadtrip in Paris!

>A strong focus on diversity.

With our newly positioned Diversity advisors (Vue Vixens Team), we are giving away more tickets than ever and making an effort to have a large number of female speakers. On top of this, we are aiming to host the biggest Vue Vixens workshop in Europe with 5+ mentors and 50+ attendees. And with an NG Girls workshop in the works, this is not an event to miss!

>The most content-rich conference of all time!

Frontend Developer Love will aim to have between 15–20 talks in just 1 day. Covering 10+ topics including: Vue.js , Angular , Reactjs , Gatsbyjs, Web performance and more! With many of the core team members and founders of these technologies, including Evan You (Creator of Vuejs) and core team members from Web Pack, ReasonML and more!

>International approach

The word of the quality of our conference, (and our incredible marketing 😜), reaches far and wide. In February 2018, we were lucky enough to have developers attending from 53 countries around the World (including South Korea, New York, Tokyo and more!

From the looks of our current ticket buyers, it seems that 2019 will be even more international!

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See you all soon 😉

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