Why choose our conferences?

Frontend Developer Love are changing the game for frontend developer conferences in the Netherlands (and across Europe). Starting in February 2018, we organised the biggest Vue.js conference in the World (1100 attendees) along with Frontend Developer Love- A meeting of almost 1000 Frontend developers learning about 15 different frontend/javascript topics!😻

Why we’re different:

>Crisp, concise talks which capture the audience’s attention, develop their skills and inspire them to improve/learn more! >>No 15 minute introductions here ;)

>Comfortable cinema style seating in the most comfortable venue in the land! No back aches at our conferences ;)

>Biggest conference screen in the World. Allowing our speakers to showcase their live coding and animations on a massive 500metre² screen!

>Community driven>>Our conference began from a community of over 5000 developers which has now grown into 8000+ developers across Europe.

>This community-driven approach runs deep into the organisation of the actual conference. Our talks are advised and chosen by our technical team of 6 top class Frontend experts from our technical partner and main sponsor Passionate People. Including David Den Toom, Marco Ferreira and Chris Visser. Plus key members of the Frontend community, including the creator of Vuejs Evan You and organiser of NG Vikings Maxim Salnikov.

>We were also helped tremendously by other developers within the Amsterdam frontend community. A notable example is Erik Lieben from Effectory. Who edited all of our conference talk videos for our youtube channel.

>Best value conference tickets in the World. Packing in more high quality content, for the money, than any other conference in the World!

>Ground-up diversity approach putting an emphasis on high quality speakers from underrepresented groups in tech including women and minority groups. With further initiatives including over 100 free diversity tickets and various scholarships offered to people from underrepresented groups and less privileged backgrounds.

>Strongly enforced code of conduct and security team paving the way for a safe and welcoming conference experience

>Hand chosen speakers on a range of the most interesting, “hottest” javascript/frontend topics of the year!

Come join us this year and experience the most exciting celebration of Frontend Development in Europe! www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/frontend-developer-love-conference-2019-registration-48877397612

Follow us here and comment “wow lovely conference” for the chance to win a special prize ;)