Frontend Weekly Digest #115 (1–7 July 2019)

Fresh Frontend Links
Jul 7 · 2 min read


Where Do You Learn HTML & CSS in 2019?
Tips for rolling your own lazy loading
Everything You Need to Know About PWAs — Push Notifications
CORS — Cross-Origin Communication in the Modern Web
The Future of Websites: Headless CMSs
How Google Pagespeed works: Improve Your Score and Search Engine Ranking
Accessibility and the Law


Menus with “Dynamic Hit Areas”
CSS Custom Properties In The Cascade
Add Cool Effects with CSS Blend Mode
Bringing new CSS techniques to production
Why Did I Have Difficulty Learning React?
7 Best CSS Optimization Tips for Better Page Load Times
Developing a Robust Font Loading Strategy for CSS-Tricks
Internet Explorer 3, an adventure in cross-browser compatibility
Don’t miss out on css variables
Color Switcher UI with CSS Variables
Five Methods for Five-Star Ratings
Restricting a (pseudo) element to its parent’s border-box


What Is the Native Payment Request API?
Most Used JavaScript Frameworks for Quick Software Development: Which to Choose
Angular vs React vs Vue Detailed Comparision Guide — Which One to Choose in 2019
Is React the best frontend framework, to begin with?
12 Tips for Improving JavaScript Performance
String startsWith() Method in JavaScript
How to use forEach() to iterate an array in JavaScript