Frontend Weekly Digest #35 (27 November — 3 December 2017)


An introduction to frontend testing
 • Bugs in Production — the Dirty Dozen!
 • How to Start With Static Sites
 • The Front-End Checklist is just a tool… everything depends on you.
 • Best Podcasts About Web Design & Web Development


V6: Typography and Proportions
 • Modern Asynchronous CSS Loading
 • CSS Inliner Tools Worth Considering for Your Next Email
 • Using feature queries for cascading web design
 • How I (re)built the Medium clap effect — and what I got out of the experiment.
 • Generating Wireframe Boxes with CSS and HTML5
 • Flexible Overflow by Roman Komarov
 • Learn CSS Grid in 5 Minutes
 • Fontastic Web Performance — Monica Dinculescu on at SmashingConf Barcelona 2017, a small explainer of font-display for a talk
 • Scripting Cyrillic. Highlighting the design process behind expanded language support in Google Docs and Slides


JSRobot — Learn to code in JavaScript by playing a game
 • An Introduction to Speculative Optimization in V8
 • JavaScript hacks for ES6 hipsters
 • The Definitive JavaScript Handbook for a developer interview
 • Implementing The Sieve Of Eratosthenes in JavaScript 
 • MobX vs Redux with React: A noob’s comparison and questions
 • Contributing to ECMAScript

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