Frontend Weekly Digest #90 (1–6 January 2019)


How Much Should You Get Paid To Build Websites In 2019?
 • Static Site Boilerplate: A better workflow for building modern static websites. Automated build processes, a local development server, production minification and optimizations, and the latest standards for static websites.
 • Learn how to use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for Authentication 
 • PageSpeed Module: Dramatically Increase the Speed of Your Website Automatically
 • How to Create Snippets for VS Code


How To Learn CSS
 • CSS Grid for Designers. How a new technology is changing layout on the web
 • Simple CSS Animation Tutorial
 • A Quick CSS Audit and General Notes About Design Systems
 • Multi-Line Inline Gradient


Background Sync with Service Workers
 • Top JavaScript Frameworks and Topics to Learn in 2019
 • Learn modern javascript in 10 simple ways
 • Artificial Intelligence in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js