Masterclass Series: Teams

The Frontier Incubators Workshop took place in November 2018. Over the course of five days, the Frontier Incubators Program Partners delivered a series of masterclasses on topics relating to incubation and acceleration.

These sessions were recorded, and have been made publicly available so that you too can share in the ideas that were discussed, and the resources that were provided.

Video #1: Building and Managing a Strong Team

How important is company culture in uniting a team? How should you structure your teams to get the best results? How do you ensure you have the right people with the right skills at the right time?

Presented by:

Slide decks: Village Capital

Additional resources: Village Capital VIRAL Pathway, Village Capital Talent Playbook, The Core Protocols

Video #2: How to Reduce the Disruption of Team Turnover

How do you recruit the right talent for your teams? What helps to keep your staff happy, healthy and productive in their work? How long does it take to train them? What can you do to keep them around?

Presented by:

Slide decks: Social Enterprise Academy, Villgro

Additional resources: Two-Factor Theory — Frederick Herzberg (1959), Hierarchy of Needs — Abraham Maslow (1943), Good to Great by Jim Collins

Video #3: Recruiting, Selecting, and Training Mentors

What makes a good mentor? How do you find them? How do you match them? How do you convince them to contribute to your program??

Presented by:

Slide decks: Villgro

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Frontier Incubators is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s innovationXchange and is delivered by, SecondMuse and ygap.



A program from the Australian Government supporting incubators and accelerators in the Asia-Pacific through partnerships with global leaders in the field.

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