Yes, i think i can run pacman from within MSYS2 shell console.
Bahrul Halimi

The -Syu command tells Pacman to update every package on your system, so yes it should output at least something.

There are several things we need to look at to get this working:

  1. It seems that MSYS2 isn’t working. why it isn’t working is what we need to look at. This is ideally what I’d like to look at on your system, but since we can’t connect, I’ll write out what I would do here:
  2. Firstly, you need to try re-installing MSYS2. Complete re-install, delete the folder and everything. The reason for this is that your system may have a copy of the damaged DLL on your system already — re-Installing MSYS2 should replace it.
  3. Secondly, (once you’ve re-installed and tested), you need to look for any applications which could be preventing MSYS2 having deeper-level access to the system → are you an administrator? Do you have antivirus running? What about running processes?
  4. Thirdly, your version of Windows. Are you running Windows with any sort of restriction (you mention you’re using a company computer). Looks like you’re using Windows 7 — are there any updates you can download & install?
  5. Finally, what about your user profile? Do you have anything which may prevent MSYS2 from either using the DLL or connecting to the Internet?

Unfortunately, there are no specific steps to get this working without knowing why it isn’t loading up correctly. If you try the above and reply here, we’ll be in a better position to get things working.

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