How to become Full Stack Developer (2019)

The Full Stack Developer theme is one of the hottest topics currently in existence, leading to controversies that often have no end.

On LinkedIn and Facebook, there are many people who record the current job as Full Stack Developer . The articles on this issue on Medium also received many mixed comments from readers. Some argue that it should focus on personal skills and in-depth understanding of technology, rather than aiming for something vague like Full Stack Developer .

From a personal point of view, I see mainly debates aimed at comparing an almighty worker with a skilled expert in the IT industry. These are the two “wide” and “deep” properties when referring to the technological capacity of each person.

“A job for nine is more than nine occupations” — my father once taught his children and grandchildren that “be truly proficient in one thing, rather than just a little one”. However, a Full Stack Developer (or Full Stack Designer ) needs to go against that advice, when challenging yourself to be adept not only one technique, but many techniques at a time.

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