The God Reset


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I repeated my existential crisis warning on WhatsApp last week when the dollar price hit 700 naira for the first time. It was my third time doing that, and I got some interesting responses. Apparently, I did a terrible job in the past, as some folks hadn’t seen that post before then. But not to worry, there’s still so much more to prepare for in this decade anyway, so we are just getting started.

Cool things like the cure to Cancer and Alzheimer’s; terrorists becoming Pauls; Nigeria coming into its greatness; a new source of energy, disrupting the power, electrical, electronics, & tech spaces forever (my tech bros 👀. also, no more “pro maxes” as screens will become relics 🙃); crazy alliances between nations; knowledge increasing at such a rapid pace, far more than the past, keeping everyone on their toes.

The Great Reset,” they say, but it is God’s own reset.

Others are more dreadful and chaotic scenarios like the targetting of kids; military intervention in Naij (again!); some friction over a possible Igbo presidency; unexpected deaths and/or humiliation of many corrupt clergymen, politicians, and businessmen by the angel of death sent to Nigeria FYI, if you are one of them, you may have just until October 1st to repent, perhaps less. A window of grace. Your legacy might be shot, but don’t mess with your soul! Please tell them! God is truly pained!

In the US, powerful businessmen being prosecuted for crimes against humanity, tanking their stock prices along (watch your investments, people); former presidents, their families, or both also prosecuted (Hi Hillary 👋); two presidents; Israel-Iran war; dusk of the UN; Trump; and more. Abortion “law” overturn already happened but only the beginning. A massive scandal is coming for SCOTUS!

I tell you, if the Bible weren’t complete, events of the next three+ years would have made the cut. Especially events from Nigeria and the US, because they share a destiny to preach the Gospel of Christ to the world. Or don’t you find it interesting that significant Nigerian communities are now forming in almost every major country on Earth, just like the Americans and the Jews? Nigeria is not the only nation in Africa with a high brain drain, yet we are nearly everywhere. There is a reason.

Map of some Nigerian people around the world

Many of our japarians are designated evangelists in their resident countries; they just don’t know it yet. They are already spreading the good word about Nigerian food, music, lifestyle, and art; it is only a matter of time before they start spreading the good news of Jesus, one of our largest cultural exports. It sounds far-fetched now, but the tide will change soon, and they’d be amazed at themselves; I mean, I also did not think I’d be writing stuff like these today.

The adversity experienced by many Nigerians that forced them to migrate to various parts of the world will eventually be a sickle of harvest that God uses in our time.

Lemonade out of lemons,” God’s favourite pastime!

Anyway, head-spinning occurrences and God is showing them ahead to many ordinary people like me (mostly), so we don’t assume it’s some marketing gimmick from churches. He’s also sharing them so that we don’t panic but understand His perspective, be vigilant, and pray. He has a plan, and that plan revolves around establishing Christ as our only saviour.

He has requested that I now share more publicly, which might mean fewer WhatsApp stories. I have been posting on Medium and will share more in the coming months. I’ll write about many of the above and also other topics. Plenty tough, but must be said. Again, no panic; pray; God has a plan!

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