How does Aloha Browser protect your privacy

Andrew Frost
Feb 16, 2018 · 4 min read

With a constant growth of mobile devices our focus has been transferred from one screen (desktop or laptop) to another — smartphone or tablet. But only a few understand that mobile devices are way more personal than their big brothers, cause they store a lot of your personal information, like credit cards, phonebook, private pictures, and they are the key for two factors authentication logins in your social networks or mobile banking. And they are way easier to get lost or stolen than your desktop. That means, you have to protect them stronger.

Of course, there are a lot of apps out there that will store your passwords securely or let you send private and self-destructable messages, but there is no doubt that the main window for the internet is a browser. So ask yourself: Do you trust your browser? Are you sure it is safe? Are you sure browsers’ developers do not track you to show you targeted ads and sell your data profile to others?

On the other side, a lot of regular users don’t know they are in risk everyday, since they are not geeks and don’t understand how privacy works and what it is. Does it mean they have to be tracked?

Tens of millions people have chosen Aloha Browser for their mobile browsing needs, cause we at Aloha try to do our best and bring their privacy back to everyone. With Aloha you are just safe and here’s why.

Aloha doesn’t track you and doesn’t collect any data

Most browsers, like Google Chrome or Apple Safari are owned by big corps, and they use it to collect what you are browsing and how do you use them. Then, they use this data to target you ads (Google) or to improve product (Apple), but who knows what they do with it? No one, and they will never tell. Aloha doesn’t collect any data of your usage, your searches, your location, websites you are visiting, nothing. Although, it may send us reports about errors happening with browser itself, but if you set Diagnostic data to ‘don’t send’ it won’t.

Aloha protects your passwords from being stolen on public WiFi

When you are in cafe (or other public place) and connect to a public free WiFi, this WiFi hot spot can collect any data you are sending through, such as your social networks passwords, emails, etc. With Aloha VPN all traffic are encrypted between you and VPN servers, and no one can jump in the middle. All encryption keys are generated for this session, and no one can get them (even us).

Aloha has built-in AdBlock

We all know that the biggest buyers and spy trackers are ad netoworks. They build your user profile in their databases block by block, tracking what pages you are visiting and what banners you are clicking. Aloha’s Adblock cuts most of ad networks’ codes and trackers’ codes so they can’t track you across different pages on the web. Plus, it saves you a lot of data and pages will load faster.

Aloha doesn’t know you and doesn’t ask your email

If you are using other VPNs, you may get the same thing, but, in most cases you will need to sign up. That means, VPN providers know your email, and if government will ask ‘who did connect back then?’ they could pull logs out and give you up. With Aloha VPN, you don’t need to sign up, and we have no logs at servers. So even if gov will insist, we can’t share anything cause we don’t have anything to share.

Aloha protects you when traveling and have no borders

If you are traveling to countries where some sites are censored (like social networks or news media), you can use VPN to go privately to those sites and enjoy your freedom as you were at home.

Aloha keeps you private when someone else use you phone

If you have kids and let them to play with your phone or tablet (or your girlfriend?), your browser have all your cookies and logins to every page you were visiting. And they can accidentally (or on purpose) buy something on Amazon or go to your Facebook and post something on behalf of your name, etc. With Aloha, you can lock the app with passcode or fingerprint and avoid these kind of situations.

So why not give it a try?

Aloha Browser is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

About Aloha Mobile

We are a group of enthusiasts whose main concern is the current lack of Internet privacy. That’s why we have created Aloha Browser. Our mission is to keep you safe, and make your web browsing experience as private as you want it to be.

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