Biden is an idiot when it comes to cars

Yes, he said the Corvette is a far better car than a Porsche. And I am sure Merkel is amused by his farmyard observation to the point where no condolences were sent when his kid died of brain cancer.

Come on. brain cancer? I bet that’s genetic.

Let’s face it, the Corvette isn’t designed by engineers. They were built with a truck engine holstered in place of a car frame. It has a six liter engine which is what you find in farm vehicles in the red neck states, and with a power to weight ratio, of course it can do a zero to hundred in 3.34 seconds.

Now Porsche used to do the same thing, build engines for the fucking Tiger Tank that kicked Sherman’s ass before giving that up and creating the timeless 911.

If you must know the details, well…the Axis powers may have lost the war but in the automobile industry, it is the Italians, Japanese and Germans that dominate that market today.

That’s what you get for winning the war while loosing the battle in the car market. And GM is still in denial till this day.

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS can do the same 3.34 seconds to the hundred but it only has a 4 liter engine. Now, that’s what I call automobile engine refinement versus farming vehicle engineering.

Americans know nothing about engineering but they brag a lot about their electronics. Let’s also not forget about the USS Donald Cook, which had its entire engine and defense system disabled by a low flying SU-24, with the help of an iPhone app in April 2014. And the Americans even went on to say that Russian technology was crude and wasn’t worth its weight in salt.

The pilot of the SU-24 even waved at the bewildered Captain as he stood there shitting in his pants.

Americans, are only good for one thing. Building awfully expensive hardware that doesn’t work.

Even Apple recognized this and shipped all its manufacturing work to China. That, should say a lot about American engineering.