DARPA to help Jihadist win Syria

Yes, I told Putin about it and he face palmed.

The Pentagon has been told by the Saudis that their ISIL counterparts need help and this is what they came out with.

The idea of the home made bomb isn’t new. With the price of oil going so low, fuel such as petrol can easily be fashioned into incendiary bombs that has far more detonation power than dynamite.

Saudi backed jihadist have plenty of that but haven’t the faintest idea on how to build one as spending too much time in the Sun will affect your thinking. They call it camel lust….

So when DARPA came out with the contest to reward would be inventor jihadist with 70 grand, you have to think clearly what the parameters are.

First, you must use household items.

A cellphone, washing machine parts or even left over pizza is fine. But it has to detonate when required at a safe distance. Or fashioned into a suicide bomb belt.

As you already know, jihadist in Syria are running out of children to send on suicide missions as the American bombing campaigns has wiped most of them out….by accident. Even dropping flyers to warn them about incoming bombing missions, the Jihadist are loath to read them.

What’s more the volunteers for suicide missions have dropped as the wages from the Saudis have been slashed and Jihadist are now being promised 2 virgins instead of 20 previously for dying for the sake of Islam. These changes have led many to feel shortchanged and deserted in droves.

Now anyone in the US who wants to be blacklisted by the FBI can enter the DARPA contest for home made bombs.

Besides exploding, it has also got to kill. No point blowing up something with no one being killed so you have to find a way to maim them to the point that no South Korean Plastic Surgery can fix.

How effective is the bombs you create will depend on the size and scope of your operations.

I would love to submit my own home made thermobaric bomb but it doesn’t quite qualify as there are two required explosions. One to scatter the corn flour/fireworks mix in an enclosed environment and a secondary charge which ignites it. The idea isn’t new though, North Korea uses it to kill mice in rice barns.

Something more creative would be to use the battery cell of a Tesla car, but that according to DARPA isn’t allowed as it would drive up sales for the electric car….for the wrong reasons.

The Saudis have very different ideas on what are household items so many ideas found in American homes won’t work.

For example, the Saudis want a home brew bomb made from camel droppings, a can of diesel and an old Nokia phone which DARPA says is pretty difficult to come by these days.

Other explosive options like Hydrogen fuel cells are not common household items so that idea won’t work.

Then you have petroleum based fuels, which the Saudis have plenty of and would encourage you to use.

Now we know that plastics burn, petrol will burn and so will kerosene. But detonation is another matter. The Saudis want something big, and not related to the use of fertilizers, in which America has plenty of.

We can only guess who the winning entries are for this DARPA contest and it won’t come from an American.

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