Donald Trump for President!

He’s the best bet against a Zionist Invasion

Think about it. He is the only guy from the Republican Party who doesn’t need Sheldon Adelson’s money….and Sheldon is a Zionist. So this means Trump will never lick jewish balls. And that’s a great thing.

Why Obama has been such a pain is that he’s totally pussy when it comes to whipping Zionist. He prefers not to deal with it, and by not tough talking to Israel, he’s in the same boat as them.

How is Donald Trump is going to make a difference? Well take a look at the list below.

#1 Trump will sever ties with Latin America

Yup. They are all robbers, rapist and thieves. So why allow them to come ashore? Part of his plan is to mine the Rio Grande, and anyone crossing it will be blown to bits. Then he will sever all trade and free trade agreements with Mexico, allowing those precious jobs to be bought back to America.

#2 Trump will debase the US Dollar

He wants to create more jobs in America. How is that possible? Well he’s got a plan to make the US dollar on parity with the Chinese Yuan. That is the way he can beat them at the game of chicken to see whose currency is lower. This will definitely bring back jobs to America. Who wants to make the iPhone in China when you can make that in California…..?

#3 The TPP will be the TPE

Yup, why bother to fight wars when you can get them glued to entertainment channels? This way, instead of exporting trade, the US will export TV entertainment such as the Ms World Pageant, and where possible, Ms and Mr LGBT of the world. Trump will counter ISIS propaganda with a slew of his own channels to drown out those recruitment channels found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

#4 Trump will raise the wage levels of America

He will make sure that everyone in American will be paid 15 dollars an hour once parity with the Chinese Yuan comes into effect. That said, it can’t be a bad thing.

#5 Trump will order Homeland security to grant free Visas to Chinese Tourist

Why not? The can go to Atlantic city to gamble….and only to Atlantic city as Las Vegas is Zionist owned. All they have to qualify for a Visa is to make a booking for a weekend in Atlantic City and that’s it. What’s more, what’s the difference anyone…. once th currency is on parity…? His new motto for Atlantic City would be… “Now everyone can gamble outside of Macao”

Trump will be the coolest president

He will fire everyone who can’t give him a straight answer…especially when it comes from James Clapper. In fact, there will be a sign on the White House Lawn that says ‘You’re Fired’ if you ever had the misfortune of being summons to the White House.

Trump will also make hair toupees fashionable again. Sparking a new billion dollar craze for Trump like hair pieces which can then be exported to places like Japan and China…thus creating even more jobs for US folks. Way to go Trump. You have my vote but unfortunately I’m not American.

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