How Abenomics failed Japan

The Africans I deal with often laugh when the topic of Japanese people are brought up, they say these people have small dicks….but in Abe’s case, it has to be a much smaller brain.

In a country that takes you 10 years to be a Sushi chef, with the main ingredients not being cooked at all, it seems to a slow crawl to an otherwise lofty goal. As a joke the French gave Michelin stars to every one of them for a good laugh.

So here is Abe, digging his nose at you when he says his Abenomics is going to work.

To begin with, let’s look at the negative interest rates, which is fine if you want to stop people from harassing your currency on the market and encourage banks to lend more to set up businesses that export. But that alone isn’t going to stop the Jewish hedge funds from dabbling with some foreplay with the Japanese Yen.

The reason? The Japanese economy has the worst debt to GDP ratio for a developed country and relies heavily on exports to fund its economy.

Abe also wants the Japanese economy to enjoy a 2 percent inflation. Well, if that was the case you should get impose a mandatory hike in wages for people who work more than 8 hours a day. Instead, Abe wanted to impose a a GST hike….

We all know inflation is a bad thing. But to governments, they love inflation like there is no end to tomorrow. Inflation means an infinite possibility of growth, which is pure bull crap when you look at the finite means to earn a living by depending on hooking.

The Japanese need to know that deflation is fine and that there are more worrying agendas to deal with.

Like for example kick starting those Nuclear power plants again. I mean….WTF? Oil is cheap, so burn more of it. And if you need, load up on some coal too.

After Fukushima, Abe seems to want to ignore the signs of a inefficient TEPCO that constantly spill radioactive materials to the ocean. I know Godzilla was science fiction but they don’t have to make it real.

After their own Japanese people discovered that the food and sea life was affected, they started to stop eating them and exporting the rot overseas.

Stupidly, people all over the world started to buy Japanese produce once they start seeing it on the supermarket shelves…and forgetting to bring their Geiger counters along with them before making a purchase.

If Japan wants to export trash food, they should first start doing so to America, where junk food is king.

There is no end to the screw ups Abe had so far so here’s my advice.

Since Japan is self sufficient in food, it should start eating its own radioactive vegetables instead of exporting them, they should just play the currency war.

By depressing the Yen artificially, it can get away with the imported inflation on oil purchases for power generation….thereby achieving the 2 percent inflation target. It can then export more and with negative interest rates, more enterprises will borrow to start more industries.

Once people start having more money in their pockets, you can tax them more too.

There is no other way….and Abe is a dufus.

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