Jong Nam murder unfolds with Malaysian implications…

I sauntered into the Kremlin one morning for a security briefing when a file Jong Nam assassination file was waiting for me on my table.

As the unofficial emissary to Beijing, I had to bring the FSB findings to Beijing for further analysis and I hated it. Ok, I never wanted anything to do with Pyongyang for the longest time because the last time I did, I had to spend a month in a submarine, and after I accidentally torpedoed a South Korean Naval boat in a drunken stupor. I promised the Kremlin I would not do it again.

And now this is payback.

So what am I going to tell Beijing?

As you already know, Beijing has kept Jong Nam in reserve as Jong Un has had major health problems and could die from gout. He is so damn overweight that each time he steps out of his office, it registers on the Richter scale.

Jong Nam is old enough to succeed Jong Un should he fall off a bus when snacking and when Japan and the CIA hatched a plan to kill him, it means that the CIA has plans to make sure that there is no clear succession in Pyongyang and hopefully a power struggle would tear the country apart….which Beijing doesn’t want since North Korea is after all a vassal state like Japan is to America.

Anyway, back to the FSB report.

It shows that Malaysia is colluding with the CIA on this.

First, when the video leaked (actually it didn’t…the airport security people put the footage up on eBay for the highest bid) it clearly showed that the women suspects were using Chloroform to attack Jong Nam. He was dizzy and complained of skin burns, which is naturally attributed to Chloroform use before he eventually passed out at a clinic at the airport, within 20 to 30 minutes, before being whisked off to a ambulance. At this point, the FSB report deduced that the journey from the airport to the hospital was plenty time needed to kill him.

The FSB did point out that this is the most likely scenario.

The other scenario is that the Chloroform itself was laced with tetrodotoxin which when inhaled, would cause death within half and hour.

Now this sort of explains why the North Koreans wanted to break into the morgue to get a sample of the blood to find out how he died.

The North Korean suspects which the Malaysian police put on the Interpol notice board aren’t real suspects.

The real suspects are already in custody, and should be water boarded. For one they have already been trained in espionage and the way they have been operating shows that they are actually agents working for Japan or the CIA. Both Indonesia and Vietnam have close ties to Japan.

Regardless of the culprits, Beijing is in deep dung with a true succession strategy for North Korea.

And don’t believe the trade spat between Pyongyang and Beijing. It is all make believe. Life is good in the North as is….

For the FSB, they just want me to tell Beijing that their gerrymandering with North Korea isn’t going to work in their favor.

Beijing on the other hand wants Russia to deliver the S400 missiles ASAP as they are being surrounded by all sides on the South China Sea.

That said, I hear the CIA wants to remove Duterte from office. It won’t be long before that happens and that means the US Navy will rule the roost.