Pamela Gellar is a Mossad Agent

She should have done her Anti Islam Artwork in Jerusalem instead of Texas

Here’s a report from the CIA I got hold of. Apparently, the whole thing was the brainchild of the Mossad but Pamela took credit for stirring up trouble as she was a paid emloyee.

Now the Texas drawing competition in Garland wasn’t going to get any terrorist to attend. And since illegal Mexicans that cross the Rio Grande are not moslems, this was going to be a quiet affair.

Pamela was told that it was going to be a failure but the Mossad had one card left to play, instigate an American idiot to so some shooting and the pulled one FBI informant up by the name of Elton Simpson. Now according to the CIA, Elton is related to Homer Simpson of Springfield as a half brother of sorts. Apparently Homer’s father suffered from a Thomas Jefferson syndrome where he had sex with a black woman after being made a widower. Elton grew up as the unwanted child. Homer refuse to acknowledge him and soon, Elton became a Moslem because he could not stand Homer’s drunken state and love for Duff beer.

Pamela had doubts about what the Mossad promised her. So she insisted that there be two attackers.

The FBI then brainwashed Elton to kill his brother, who would be moonlighting as a security guard in Garland on the day of drawing competition but to make sure he is dead, they gave him lots of weapons, including the AK 47 with the round magazines. Even if he missed in the first two seconds of continuous fire, he could be assured that the second person would have hit him. That’s why Elton brough along his housemate Nadir Soofi.

Pamela freaked out when she was told that Elton would be armed with a round magazine but the Mossad told her not to worry, Elton was a horrible shot and was told to kill her half brother who was a security guard. The rest is of course history.

The moral of the story is that never let sleeping dogs lie when you can make hay while the sun still shines.

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