Raytheon celebrates the launch of Iran’s 303

iRan isn’t named after the Flock of Seagulls hit song

Yes, stocks of Raytheon should be booming by now if you didn’t already they know, they are busy sending their sales people out to the mid east to sell more of their missile shield, thanks largely to Iran.

Now the 303 isn’t a great toy. Medium range but is defeatable with the Raytheon anti-missile technology. It is positively low tech but hey, you need a shield to protect yourself well there is only one on sale.

I am sure the Israelis want to sell their missile dome but trust me, Jordan and the rest of the Arab world won’t buy them.

The Iron dome or the Jewish Skull Dome as the Russians would call it, is a stationary system that has only a 30 percent success rate. The reason for this low success rate is simple, it calculates the trajectory of the missile and then uses Google maps to determine if anyone lives there, if someone does live there, it dials the phone number of that individual and plays a message to tell them to get out of their house before an oncoming Hamas rocket obliterates it and this only applies if you are Druze Christian, Moslem, Buddhist or Athiest, however when a Jew is detected as living at that address, it will send out an interceptor missile to destroy the Hamas rocket.

In fact, the Shin Beth records a much higher rate…at 70 percent rate for saving Israeli lives. What the didn’t care to elaborate is that it only applies to jewish lives…even Black Jews are not accorded this priviledge.

Now the Iron Dome cost as much to operate as the Patriot missile battery from Raytheon. Even though the missiles are more expensive…the Patriot has a much higher rate of success and can be moved around like a mobile home.

John Kerry’s mission was a success for American arms producers who had lamented that the freebies that Washington been giving out hasn’t been good for overall business. Now that Iran has ante up to some nifty missiles, including the Russian made ones to be delivered personally by moi….I think we have a business going.

Beijing on the other hand is still tracking down those Mossad terrorist who blew up the Norinco logistics hub in Tianjin. They can’t deliver any missiles or for that matter peddle any until they find the resolve to hunt them down.

Raytheon on the other hand is also Jewish owned. That said, it can’t be good news for Iran.

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