Saudis are backing the Turds…I mean the Kurds

Funding is about to dry up for ISIL and its good friend AL

Yes, I was on my way to St. Petersburg to audit the FSB when I got a call from the Kremlin that Putin was heading there. Then the bomb blast.

I don’t know how may of you know but death is sort of a casual thing in Russia. They don’t act surprised or shed crocodile tears like Western nations do, they accept it as a fact of life and move on. Russians don’t dwell on death because if they do, their tears would freeze up.

So when Berlin refused to light up the Brandenburg gate, Putin didn’t give a damn. Merkel did it on purpose and there is an underlying tension between him and Merkel.

I wouldn’t say that they are star crossed lovers. After all, Merkel was a East German FDJ revolutionary and had to be audited by the KGB headed by Putin that time. They know one another well but I detect that Merkel resented Putin for his work in the KGB. I don’t think for one moment that Putin and Merkel even danced to the same Abba tune.

But I do know one thing. Germany never forgave the Russians for raping their women at the end of WW2.

This is also why Merkel refuses to buy more gas from Russia if possible, doubling down on renewal energy instead of buying more flammable ether from Siberia. The unspoken crimes of the Russian invaders are remembered fondly and till this day, they cannot bring themselves to forgive the Russians.

You see, the Wehrmacht operated under a different set of rules, no chemical weapons or raping of local women—unlike the Japanese which did this openly during the war.

So if you are asking yourself why NATO and Western Europe were silent about terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, you know why.

Europe would like to buy gas from the gulf states and the Saudis but they refuse to pay higher transport charges for them. The Rothschild family and its ilk would like to make a handsome sum from trading gas and that would make Saudi exports more expensive than the Russians.

The plan was to erect a pipeline from the Saudi states that goes into Turkey. but to bypass Syria would mean working in shia majority Iraq. This will not work for the Saudis and that is why Kurdistan has to exist.

Greater Kurdistan will border Saudi Arabia and Jordan along northern Iraq and Iran. The Saudi pipeline will run from the Gulf states This is why Mosul cannot fall and the Kurds now have been entrusted to set up their state to the displeasure of Turkey. But this is no serious problem since Erdogan will be properly disposed when the time comes. The house of Saud will make sure of that.

The plan has always to build a pipeline from Northern Saudi Arabia into Western Iraq which will be within greater Kurdistan. But the Saudis didn’t think it was necessary until John McCain failed to deliver the goods after getting funding for ISIL and AL Nusra.

The Saudis have been withdrawing funding of late and putting it into Kurdish militants in Iran and Iraq. They hope they will carve up a state of their own when Assad is busy taking a dump on ISIL The map shows the two competing lines of control. If the gas goes from Iran, it has to traverse through Kurdish territory. If the gas goes from Qatar, it has to get through Saudi Arabia and into Jordan and Syria to reach the EU.

So ISIL jihadist and terrorist are now told to attack their prey with cutlery or cars. Which means more of the cheap terrorism will take place in Europe for a lack of funding. Soon, jihadist could be hurling curry powder in Europe as an act of terrorism.

People often ask me what Putin thinks of Erdogan, well that rabid dog can’t be trusted.

I never trusted him and Putin knows how to play his cards well to not trust him.

After Ukraine got into a NATO sponsored mess, Poroshenko has been out in the woods trying to get more funding to attack the Russians. America is helping out by sending heap loads of antiquated war machinery from the Vietnam war. I am not against recycling but much of everything America sends to Ukraine ends up as parts on eBay anyway.

The St. Petersburg bombing on the other hand didn’t go well as too few Russians were killed. And when mainstream media around the world didn’t work towards the same narrative, the message didn’t get through to the masses.

You see, by and large Europeans are racist. They like to think they are liberal minded city folks but they really are closet racist who prefer people with European culture to drink with. Russia is European but those Middle Eastern Types are not.

When Merkel and gang decided to open the flood gates to moslem refugees, the population started to wonder why rich Saudi states couldn’t take them on instead since they pray to the same God and go to the same Hajj.

This deep distrust started with the narrative of being liberal minded Christians opening their homes to displaced refugees. Then these same Saudi jihadist refugees started to plot terror attacks out of boredom after being sidelined for jobs and promotion all over Europe. No house, no Merc in the porch, and being served non halal meals, that pretty much did the trick.

Now that the mess is blowing up all over, Europeans in general are against any military intervention in Syria. Even after the staged chemical attacks in Syria’s Idilib, Europe as a whole is not willing to go to war and is pushing America into the limelight to the delight of the Saudis.

Trump isn’t an idiot and he isn’t about to be pushed into the war with American troops. He had made his pact with the military by giving them billions more in funding in the hope it would appease them. But Neocons in Washington still are funded by Saudi lobbyist…who for a check and blow job would sell out their own mothers.

Trump’s main enemy is China and Iran and for better or worse, Boeing aircraft has lobbied against sanctions on Iran because it would jeopardize thousands of American jobs after Iran doubled down on aircraft worth billions. This means any sanctions would hurt American jobs. Trump has no choice but to back off.

So it looks like China will be the whipping boy this summer. I told Beijing this would happen if Trump got elected but they said they believe their asian charm will be enough to derail any trade war. In retrospect, giving Trump his image patent and name copyright isn’t half enough to satisfy his ambitions unless of course, he makes tones of money selling golf memberships to Chinese businessmen who would never play on his greens.

My estimation is that Xi will bring gifts of trade in the hope Trump will overlook the trade imbalance. A few billions more on aircraft parts would be enough to give thousands more American jobs. Even Trump’s anti moslem rhetoric was detoned after the Saudis promised him some deals worthy of a third world President.

Secretly, I think Beijing is optimistic that if the Saudis could pull that off, they can’t see why the Chinese can’t.

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