Why American needs a REAL finance minister…

When it comes to economics, Obama hasn’t got a clue. I mean, why should he? This black dude was elected on a ticket with the help of mega corporations.

So, if you know you have no grasp of economics, you need to turn to someone is is good at that. In the UK, there are Chancellors and in Germany, Wolfgang holds the chair.

In America, you think its Janet Yallen but she’s not finance minister, she’s just the national bank chief. Jacob Lew is treasury cheif but he doesn’t recommend taxes or draft out new regulations to help the country. His position, like Yallen, is decided by a cabal of Wall Street Bankers.

Yallen the hag is probably the only one you hear of these days as she’s constantly in the news. Jacob is a Jew, just like Yallen. Why so? Probably the Zionist bankers decided it so.

So why implement or recommend policies that are good for the country? Makes no sense if someone can’t profit from it.

Why not give that job to a Latino? Or a Black dude with a good education?

This is why America won’t get their act together.

Today, I heard that there are rumors in the US which points to a possible removal of an oil export clause. In the past, it was banned…it might get tossed to a garbage heap.

Now if America starts to export cheap fracked oil, then we can see the collapse of the USD as a reserve currency. The Saudis would have none of it and so would Opec. They could start quoting oil in Gold Dinars as far as I am concerned, but it won’t be in USD.

All this points to a decline in the use of the USD. Which is a good thing for the world but a bad thing for America.

America doesn’t sell that many things these days which they make at home. Sure you can’t buy a Harley without paying in USD or a Gibson guitar but those are not main exports of the nation.

Oil, if correctly sold will make you lots of money. This depends on cost per barrel and this is also why Putin thinks that eventually, oil rigs will be commissioned based on their price to performance index.

Lew and Yallen don’t care for those details. They only obey their corporate masters. John Kerry may have exhibited some understanding of the USD during the Iran negotiations but that won’t stop Iran from quoting their oil in Yuan or Euros.

So we have a USD crisis now. Who am I to complain?

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