Why Bernie Sanders can’t be trusted…

Gaia called me the other while I was feeling low.

“Darling…it’s me….how have you been keeping?”

Oh I am ok. Just got back from Cuba. Had to arrange a meeting with Kirill and Pope Francis. I told her.

“Oh what are those two up to? Is there going to be another war on earth?”

I didn’t want to excite her…so I said…. “Maybe”

Then she pestered me on the details. So I had to give in.

The rule of war is to find an enemy and America is desperate trying to find one to bully in the form of China. Now Beijing gets bitch slapped around in the China Seas after making that base on a coral reef. They get humiliated so much that even the Indians are joining in the fun with the US Navy.

“That sounds so awesome Pandy, so when will they start fighting?”

I huffed a sigh and told her that it won’t ever happen because life is a bitch and China deserves to be bitch slapped because they have no sense of offense.

But war is imminent I told her, as Bernie Sanders has been tipped to win the American elections. I explained to her how this came about and votes will be pushed towards Bernie, the aging Jew. Even if he gets a heart attack on the day he wins, Israel has already got a plan to help prop a figure of him up with animatronics and CGI courtesy of Hollywood.

Donald Trump will be assassinated by the CIA eventually and it shows.

“Darling….you sound so sad….don’t be. It hurts me to hear you sound like that….”

I didn’t have to convince her that all my hard work in the arms trade hasn’t done enough to lower the human population no earth so I pulled out a Cohiba made in Cuba and lit it and related my findings.

When Obama was sworn in, many in the world was wondering why his name sounded moslem, even though he attended Church, it turns out he was a neo con in disguise….and a moslem. He was sent in by the Saudis and till this day, he bows low to these masters.

And recently, I got the proof that Bernie Sanders is a neocon in sheep clothing as well, his name sounded Christian and he even attended Church in Las Vegas where he bumped into another neo con, Hillary Clinton. As the sayings goes, all crooks flock to the same Church, America should be well aware that both of leading candidates from the Dems are in fact, wall to wall poster boys of the neocon movement…as Bernie Sanders has no business attending Church since he is Jewish.

All a sudden, we have the same scenario from before, Obama the closet moslem who goes to Church and Bernie the Jew attending Church.

As Christians, it’s fine for you to attend church as you are a member of the faith, but Bernie isn’t. He’s there to fish for votes and pretends that he believes that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of Jews. He doesn’t believe in Jesus one bit.

That is why Adolf was right when he got the Catholic Church to sanction his actions to gas Jews. As a devoted Christian, a penny for every dead Jew is suppose to be what the Earth needs. Kirill doesn’t quite agree with me on this while the Catholic church will high five me each time I bring it up.

My wish is for the whole earth to to be wiped out so that only furry animals will roam free once again…for Gaia’s sake.

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