Why Japanese People hate the Americans

The truth is everywhere on Okinawa

For the longest time, Americans have thought of themselves as well loved poodles who saved Japan from destroying itself. They even have a military base in Japan where they call home, except that, it’s not on Japan.

I concluded my meeting recently with the Okinawa Freedom Fighters, who are only getting round to finding ways to go independent. They wanted Chinese and Russian help in arms so I was all for it provided they had money. I do not know why the majority of these freedom fighters think that arms are so cheap that you can buy them off your local Supermarket. So they are going to get back to me to see if they have the budget to conduct a real war.

I asked Tosh (not his real name apparently as he said he didn’t want to be known as the failure to get free arms) what the fuck is wrong with you guys…?

“Wrong?…” he puffed, “just coz the Japanese people at large hate the Americans, we have to bear the pain of hosting them”.

So I said….but you’re Japanese…

“Did you read about…the time they fought the Americans on Okinawa during the last war….they used our people as human shields….in their eyes, we Okinawans are lower than them in caste, we are cannon fodder…and that means we are not Japanese”

At this point, I was about to give up and catch the night flight home from Sakhalin island when he finally opened up.

“We don’t like the Americans as much as the Japanese but we hate the Japanese more. They treat us like Dolphins at Taiji, we are despensible. So we become the empty can they kick around for entertainment.”

“Japan never liked the British or the Americans, from the beginning. If you remember, it was the sanctions imposed by the US on Japan in 1941 that led to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. That started the ball rolling and we the next thing we know….Okinawa was under attack.”

I heard this all before and was getting up to leave….

“Look, the Japanese hate the Americans, so why can’t you pity us and help us? “

So I huffed reluctantly…..Dudes, you should tell the Japanese people to voice their displeasure more openly about having Americans around.

“But they are! Abe has a secret plan to eject the Americans out by going from pacifist to warmonger, only if appoved in Japanese Diet, the war with America will start once more!”

I took out a Cuban cigar and gave it a light, pausing to understand what this little man has to say. This, I told him, will not appease both Russia and China who see Japan coming out of the closet as a regional power.

“That is why we have to fight the Japanese. We do not want to be dragged into another war….”

Sorry, I told him, but I can’t help. But I can give you a number to the North Koreans who might be able to give you some arms….dating back to the last century….for your fight dude. Until then, peace to you all….

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