Why Putin Hates the Chocolate King

It’s the Bolshevik revolution all over again….

Ok, I get asked a lot why Putin isn’t bowing to Western Pressure on Ukraine. Well it doesn’t quite take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Petro is a stooge. He’s also a Jew…which he refuses to acknowledge by using his mother’s maiden name.

If you remember the Bolshevik revolution, you’d know that the masterminds of the Ramanov murders were conducted by them…Jews. All the command echelon of the Bolsheviks were JEWISH! People like Trosky and to some extent Lenin too as he had Jewish blood.

So when you see a Jew finally stepping up to divide Ukraine, you have to do something right? It’s like your distant enemy suddenly turning up in your backyard to squat shit so that you get to smell that aroma.

Problem with the Western media is that they are owned by the Jews…including the New York Times. They don’t have to carry pro Jew stories, but sow hatred on Jewish enemies.

Now Putin hated Hitler, so Putin can never be called a Nazi. He never forgave the Nazis for sowing death and destruction in Russia but Putin also recognizes that Hitler wanted to get rid of the jews in Soviet Russia by way of invasion. During that time, the big man Stalin, whose real name is Joseph David Djugashvili was also Jewish. Hence Hitler went after him too. But Putin will not have any of that. He hated Nazis and he will not tolerate any Nazi movements in his backyear, hence his hate for Right Sektor.

Now this is where Judaism and Zionism starts to separate. In Zionism, you can sacrifice any Jew for the sake of a Zionist republic, which The USSR was at that time. So Petro will do anything to get the way he wants.

The Chocolate King’s reign is that he will one day be King of Ukraine. That said, he can have it as long as the Russians living there don’t have to.

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