Why the US Navy should fear the Wu-14

By now, everyone would have heard of the Wu 14. The CIA has been trolling the forums for more information and I get asked a lot about it. Now I am not telling much except that the number 14 should be taken note of seriously.

In the Chinese language, being tonal and all, people like to use the number 8 to denote luck (7 is unfortunate….probably applies to the US Navy).

The Chinese NEVER use the number 4 for something auspicious. Because when tonally pronounced, it can mean DEATH.

So when you have the number 14, spoken in mandarin means… ‘Shall Die’. Thus, this is something that should start worrying the CIA, NSA, FBI, ATF, US Marshals, EPA, Homeland Security and not forgetting the Navy.

The Hypersonic Missile is nothing new. Nazi Germany was working on hypersonic speed vehicles during their time. The CIA has most of the documents from that era and they scoffed and laughed at it. Well, the Chinese do not have Zionist who are out to make money from Tax payers building weapons that don’t work. They need weapons that work and for that, they work on practical stuff and not like the flying turkey the US calls the F35 or the F22.

Now the Raptor F22 is a radar dodging aircraft. It is so bad that the Pentagon has refused the export of it. They have of course had in mind to put those up as decoys in NATO countries, so that Putin would fear them so much that they would not invade Poland. To be fair to my boss, Putin rarely laughs at serious matters concerning the military. But he did after reading the report from Business Insider on the F22. The aircraft apparently is superglued together and the glue is causing aircraft mechanics to develop strange afflictions.

Russia congratulated the Chinese on the testing of the Wu-14. They know what it means and what it can do to an aircraft carrier. The CIA should take note of that.

When armed with the right warhead, the Wu missile will even melt the glue used on the F22. So Naval carriers have hit a dead end.

The US Navy uses aircraft carriers to project power. China doesn’t even have a new one running as yet. They got one refurbished from Russia.

Russian only has one running, which doesn’t get much coverage in the US since they don’t sail into ports as a Naval Disneyland.

As I recall, the Battleship era died in WW2 because aircraft carriers would have planes to bomb the hell out of them regardless of where they are hiding. The aircraft carrier was the badass from Japan, so the fight for the pacific was a war of carrier superiority.

Today, Japan hasn’t even got enough men to fill their Navy missions unless they re-enlist those that has served in the last war. Apparently they are still able bodied so having them back on their sea legs won’t pose a huge problem since they eat a lot of sea food.

America uses aircraft carriers to muscle in on wars and yet can’t even win any when they are used. The list is long…from Vietnam, Korea to the current Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and middle east.

The Wu 14 will further put an end to that when fired onto a carrier. I hear Raytheon is planning to arm aircraft carriers with a patriot missile battery. But that won’t stop the Wu 14 when it changes course and sticks one back the arse of one.

North Korea wants one too but they already have SLBM. One of those will sink a whole fleet. My main concern is that it will also take the corresponding sea life with it.

This is why the Navy needs a new motto to get people to join. I thought it was ‘Join the Navy, Sea the World’. The folks in China had a good one for the US Navy…. ‘Join the Navy, and meet your maker’. That last one also made Putin laugh.

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