Yallen fails in rate hike attempt

don’t believe the bankers, she’s a done deal

After China tried to liberalise the Yuan with a 2 percent trading band daily limit, Jewish bankers spared no expense to drive it down to make a profit, and for doing that, Yallen’s rate plans are doomed.

Apparently she called out those Jewish currency traders to give them a piece of their mind according to a leaked Mossad report but the Zionist among them said that she had failed to back them up by delaying a rate hike so they had to shore up the profit from elsewhere.

We can only hope that Yallen gets what she deserves, and by doing so, maybe Trump is the only guy to take her on by firing her.

But everyone on wall street knows that if Trump gets into the White House, then the US Dollar is doomed as a reserve currency.

When Trump said that he will ask Saudi Arabia for payment in lieu of military services rendered, he would be breaking an age old secret agreement with the Arabs on using oil trades in USD only. After the last great war, before the Bretton Woods agreement, the Arabs were told not to use their Riyals for oil trades but instead rely on the dollar. That worked. In the oil market, everywhere except Iran quotes oil barrels in USD.

The USD is a flat currency, it has no use unless all you want to buy are iPhones and Boeings. By Trumps account, he would stop providing any free military coverage to the middle east and in doing so, the Arabs would be thinking of floating their Riyals as the preferred currency. Trump the idiot doesn’t know that but heck, why should he? Most Americans are far too stupid to understand economics.

China on the other hand wanted to test the Yuan in a managed float of the currency value. All because they wanted it included on the IMF as a viable reserve currency basket like the Yen (if you didn’t know, the Japanese term for Yuan is Yen, and the Won is also a translation of the Chinese character for Yuan….stoopid). We all know the Chinese hates the Japanese and vice versa. To have the Yen included in the basket of currency and not the Yuan is a slap in the face.

But the Jewish money brokers didn’t see that coming. They saw an opportunity and took it to devalue the Yuan, except that Beijing stepped in, and fucked them back. Now the Republicans are keeping silent on this because they know that if the Yuan was under valued for all sense and purposes, it should have appreciated when the trading band was extended 2 percent a day. Instead, it went down.

Trump got all angry by saying it is a manipulated currency but China says, we make all your stuff and you need the Yuan to make it worthwhile. That said, American needs more Yuan than China needing USD.

This all points to an appreciation of the currency instead of it being battered the way it was recently.

Jewish loan sharks may have invented the banking system but it was the Chinese who invented the Abacus. So when it comes to numbers, Yallen should know that the Chinese are not stupid when it comes to calculations and numbers.

What’s left now for Yallen? Well for the frustrated Jewish hag, it’s time to put away her shoes and retire. Her job is done. The rate hike will never happen.

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