Goodbye 2015. Reflecting on this year.

For a long time I wasn’t really sure if I was going to write up a little article on my thoughts of how this year went for me and where I want to be next year. But in the end I found it’s better to write down my thoughts, and I’m using the “The Good — The Bad — The Ugly” style I like so much.

The Good

I feel my biggest achievement this year was to lose more than 55 lbs. While I’m not at the end of this journey and I still have about 10 lbs to go, the whole experience could probably merit its own post. The abridged version: I’m healthier and fitter than I’ve ever been before. I’m glad to have read Remy Sharp’s blog post on his weight loss which sparked to change my own diet. Unfortunately, I feel to a degree this came at the expense at neglecting other things in my life (as mentioned in “The Ugly”).

I got into public speaking and presented at meetups beginning last summer. Every month I spoke at a meetup where I presented a new topic I didn’t present anywhere before. This kept me on my toes and provided an nice challenge additionally to the usual “speaking in front of a lot of people” thing.
At one of the companies I worked at I used to do internal talks almost every week and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking about new technologies, best practices and workflows and this something I hoped to bring into my public talks as well. Sure, there are some things I need to improve on, but in general I felt most of the talks have gone pretty well. For the next year, I hope to continue this tradition I’ve started and even hope to speak at conferences additionally to speaking at meetups regularly.

The Bad

I wanted to do more open source than I had able to do. I feel this is something I want to improve on every year, but I have to find a good way to include working on open source in my daily work. Open source works best for me when it’s created out of a need for something at work. The thing the need might not be

When I was at university, I tried to minor in business. I flunked pretty hard. This year I felt it would have payed off if payed a little more attention during the lectures. I was completely clueless on equity, valuations, how VC works, the worth of companies, funding rounds and those kinds of things. While “Shark Tank” helped in answering some of the most basic questions for me, I think I’m still far away from grasping the business side of companies.

The Ugly

I’ve neglecting writing more than I would like to admit. I’ve become lazy in communicating with others and my day & night cycle has been completely messed up.
It started with my year pretty packed as it usually is and I have been struggling with balancing all these things I needed to do. What I missed this year was my closest friends helping me keep to the tight schedule I set for myself. This has been a lot easier years ago when we all worked at the same company and they were expecting me to push myself harder.

Goals for next year

I already hinted at some of the goals in my reflection, but in the end it boils down to these goals:

  • Travel more
    There is much of the world I haven’t seen yet. I enjoyed everywhere I’ve been this year and for next year I hope to travel to even further lands.
  • Be more open
    When I meet new people, I can come off as being closed off and it’s hard for me to just go and talk to people. I would say this is the goal I’m not quite sure on how to tackle.
  • Be more efficient
    This may sound very generic, but for me efficiency to me is very much tied together to keeping to a schedule, removing unknowns and being able to fulfil on promises.
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