That’s Life.

Sometimes I look back on my life and I wish things had been different. I wish I didn’t have anxiety during my teenage years. That would be been nice. I look back at my grades at school. Could I have done better? Probably. Did I need to do better? No, not necessarily.

I’m 35 now. I’m not old. Yet I look back. Constantly. Is this a form of anxiety? Probably.

I’ve achieved a lot of goals. I went to University…twice. I became a teacher. I got a job. I found a girlfriend. I became engaged to her. Those were big personal goals of mine. I have achieved those. So why do I look back at little things that I didn’t achieve? Such as not getting alloys on my last car?!

Someone close to me says I’m too hard on myself. And I probably am. I need to chill and to take life less seriously. Life happens. You can’t change anything that has already happened. And my life has made me who I am today. And perhaps that’s the point. Our past, our decisions, our successes. They make us who we are.

I still have a lot to do. And I hope to do it. I will try.

And that’s life.

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