Our First Project & Learning by Doing

We can define Learning by Doing like this:

  • It’s essentially about getting involved in an activity and, through the process of doing this activity, learning about things like:
- how that activity works,
- how you find (or feel about) the activity,
- what the activity makes you think about, and
- what doing this activity enables you to do.

I mention this because I remember an experience of the first weeks of the Pernix Apprentice Program, I was performing a Ruby Training in Ruby Monk’s web site, watching and learning with some examples at that page. Next day my new mentor told me that sometimes it’s more useful to learn by doing the things and not just read and read information. So, he advised me to take the Ruby Koans Training.

I saw the result of learning by doing most of the exercises in there, also I learned how to use Git with different kinds of branch management, and it was one the best experiences because I understood that sometimes we spent time on reading articles but if we don’t practice we might never understand how to develop something, see how the instructions work, or why errors happened for example.

Using that methodology for 2 weeks me and my partner learned a lot of Ruby programming language, so it helped us to start learning Rails by making some web blogs examples, it was very quickly and all that knowledge acquired was tested with our first Rails project.

First Rails Project

Our first project was a Rails application related to a web site, always with our mentor there to help us with all issues and also provide recommendations about the process of developing a web site with Rails. We learned some things we can list as follows:

- Use Rails + Bootstrap.
- Configure database by changing Sqlite3 for PostgreSQL.
- Migrations management.
- Routes.
- RSpec Testing.
- Learn about some important gems and how to use them.

All these things we learned were very important because now we can be part of other Rails projects at the company, also we can use all recommendations given by our mentor to apply them in future projects.

Other Important Aspects


Believe in the skills we have learned to provide solutions in the projects we work.

Customer Satisfaction

Watch how a customer reacts when their ideas are developed and finished, have no price. Customers satisfaction can motivate us for personal improve and keep creating amazing things.


Receive recommendations of our mentor to do better things and provide a product according to the customer needs. We really appreciate the effort of mentors and the rest of employees at Pernix who help us with our doubts.


The opportunity of share knowledge with your partner(s) to see different view points and ways to solve problems.

We really learn a lot of things when we finish a project and it’s very important to know that there is always something you can improve and a lot of good aspects you can apply to keep developing amazing things to make people happy and help them to find solutions to their problems.

That’s all from now.