The 5 Habits of a High Performance Person

Success is something that people are always concerned about, the way we do things for success can vary and each definition of success is different for each of us.

What makes some people stand out from the rest? The way in which they perform their daily activities is an important factor and the extent to which they focus on things of interest is determinant for day to day to be better.

This post is a personal opinion based on something I learned in a university course. It’s not definitive but it’s interesting to see that certain habits can help us succeed in a simpler way. How? Becoming people who give more than 100% in our work, study, recreational activities, among others.

These are “5 Habits of a High Performance Person”

It is important to have a concrete goal that we want to achieve. This goal can be a daily, weekly or monthly, but the idea is that we can have something to fight for in the short term for faster results. An example of daily goals can be seen in Pernix, the company in which I’m currently a software apprentice. In Pernix we always write daily goals that we can fulfill in order to surpass us and to show faster results to our clients. Remember that it does not matter if the goal is small, as long as we achieve it with effort.

Having a learning method can help us to adapt better to certain activities or challenges. Many people use methods that allow them to learn faster, although not all of us can apply the same techniques to study. Some people learn by taking notes, others by videos or tutorials. The point is that you find a method you like and let you learn everything in a better way.

Time management is essential to meet our goals, such as university tasks, projects at work, meetings with the family or visits to our friends. Time management can help us to be more orderly and there are tools like Toggl or a simple calendar that can help us manage the time correctly.

Teamwork is one of the most important characteristics of high-performance people since this allows them to listen to different opinions, suggestions, and recommendations, receiving advice from their team and thus improve various aspects. Teamwork helps companies to be successful and ensures that the work is carried out faster while sharing our experience with colleagues.

Listening to recommendations is very important to grow as a person. The advice of a friend, your boss, your mentor or a member of your family can help you to understand something, in particular, change our attitude or motivate us to be better every day. Listening to others can also be very beneficial if you want to avoid or minimize conflicts, expand knowledge, learn to listen and be more tolerant.

“ Always try to be better at what you do, give your 110% or more every day, listen to the advice of those who want us to be successful and little by little we will become a high-performance person” — Felipe Salas Casasola.