Reality Clash — 3 hours till ICO start!

Hello, cryptocommunity! I want to tell you a few words about the Reality Clash project, which will immerse you in a world of augmented reality and which will be available on iOS and Android! Many of you know and PokemonGO game and therefore already have some idea of the augmented reality, but Reality Clash takes it to a hole new level! Now all that is around you can be a place of virtual fight, and your friends can be your rivals or allies in the game. You can choose where you want to fight, whether it’s a forest, a street or even some shopping center!

ICO of Reality Clash will starts today on August 29th and will last a month until September 29th. Investing is available only with Ethereum. The minimum for ICO thats need to be achieved is 7500 ETH and the maximum cap at which ICO will immediately ends is 150,000 ETH. There will be available some bonuses for people who will make investments more early!

Reality Clash tokens will serve as your currency for purchases of a huge number of assortments that will be available in the store. In the store will be available for purchases of weapons, ammunition, armor and much more. Also, if you will be using tokens you can unlock different abilities that will make you stronger and unique in the game! Also you can not only buy weapons and ammunition, but also sell it and earn tokens!

Dont forget to participate in ICO, here is the link! The ICO starts today at 17.00 UTC / 18.00 UK / 19.00 CET

Thanks for your time and goodluck, here is the link of my profile on forum.;u=929184