Trackr — 1 day till ICO end!

Hello guys, want to say a few words about this project before ICO didnt ended. Let me introduce you the Trackr — mobile application which will be available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms! Trackr application can offer to you an all-in-one interface for viewing and managing your portfolio, predicting crypto-currencies that are considered safe for investment based on historical analysis and current market trends. And the best part is that this application allows customize alert signals at different crypto-currencies, based on the users criteria. Trackr will use historical data models and apply machine learning to obtain models for predicting cash and portfolios. So if you maybe used before Blockfolio (so do i) you will definitely will start use Trackr app, cause it just better in all ways! Especially that kind of App will be useful for people who are not long time in cryptoworld. We all know how volatile is crypto market, so you need every hour check the tokens price. But with Trackr App you will don’t need to do it anymore, cause Trackr App will track it for you! Just make customizations and set all what you want to know and when token will be pumped you will get a signal, so you don’t lose your money anymore!

Now i want to tell about why you should invest in this ICO and why Trackr App is so revolutionary! First of all you will be able to track the addresses of your wallets and check the value of your portfolio or market value using the data in real time! Also the Trackr App will have analyse system which will provide information about crypto currency trends based on preferences that you set! There also will be predictions available which will be based on machine learning — that is the best feature for me, cause i didnt saw that on the market for now! System will be learning from historical data and by analyzing all that stuff it will be able to predict future price or something else! And of course there will be a lot of notifications and signals that you could set for yourself.

So now couple word about ICO. Its already running and just one day left! Investors already purchased more than 4 millions tokens and ICO collected little less than 1000 ETH! You can buy 5000 TKR tokens for 1 ETH, i think its a great opportunity now, when market is all red and ETH price is less than 250 USD! Down below will be link to ICO site, so you better invest now, cause we already know that Trackr token will be listed atleast on 3 exchanges! So you don’t need to wait a lot, like we do with some tokens, which developers didn’t add it to the markets after ICO for months! Anyway i wish you good luck in your investments and have a nice day!

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