Frozen vannamei white shrimp — One of the Most Preferred Seafood Items

Shrimps are the ubiquitous creatures that are found in all oceans. The shrimp from the North Atlantic, being medium in size are characterized by their rather sweet taste. The Asian wild shrimp are offered as whole prawns or large shrimp tails.

Base on their origin and their size, they are all head and shell (then called “prawns”) or offered as shrimp tails without head or peeled shrimp.

Depending on their appearance or size, they can be used grilled, as an ingredient in your cooking ideas in a salad or as sauces and side dishes. Always they are easy to prepare and are the “icing” of your creations.

If you want to know what shrimp you eat exactly, just look at the ingredients list on the packaging or on our website, where the shrimp is generally sold.

Containing a great deal of fat as well as protein and omega-3 fatty acids are fish, vannamei white shrimps are basically very healthy and nutritious foods. They render us with proteins that are important for strengthening bones and for building muscle tissue. These proteins are also instrumental in promoting growth and enhance the immune system. Like all foods of animal origin, they provide us also with the vitamin B12 that contributes to the formation of red blood cells. Likewise meat, frozen vannamei white shrimp furnishes with high-quality iron as well.

From a nutritional standpoint, the consumption of oily fish such as sardines or salmon is very good also, as these fish are rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system.

Therefore, it is recommended that at least two times a week fish or seafood — whether fresh, frozen or canned — to consume.

The Right Choice

Which frozen shrimp should I take? This decision is not always easy because of the vast selection. Whether it is raw or cooked — you follow our recommendations; you always make the right choice! If you want to surprise your guests, opt for whole prawns, you can fry or can serve with hot sauce grilled. And 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

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