Three most popular seafood products among consumers

Like fruits and vegetables, fish also has its season. Seasonal fish being fresher better preserves its properties, but in addition to that, it is usually cheaper in terms of cost. September is the ideal month to consume octopus, sardines and mussels. By the bye, these are certain special types of seafood items that bring about great benefits to your body:

1) Octopuses

Did you know that the octopus is a carnivorous animal?

Octopus stands out from other seafood animals because of having a high level of zinc, an indispensable mineral, to build up our defenses.

It is also an excellent source of taurine, a type of amino acid that helps control cholesterol.

It is a very traditional food in the Spanish gastronomy. Perhaps the octopus variety vinaigrette or the Galician being its two most popular versions.

Recommended Recipe: Octopus with mustard vinaigrette — A version of the traditional Octopus with Vinaigrette.

2) Sardines

They are classified as blue fish, and are one of the richest foods in Omega 3. Omega 3 is an unsaturated fatty acid, which helps prevent heart disease.

They have a high amount of vitamin B12, which makes this fish an ideal food for pregnant women.

Together with anchovies, they may be one of the healthiest and most popular fish in our country.

Recommended Recipe: Sardines fried with herbs and parmesan crust.

3) Mussels

They have a high iron content, which makes them ideal, to combat anemia.

They are well known internationally. In Greece, for example, they are prepared with rice. It is a typical dish that is called “midopilafo”. Also, they are very well known and are of great quality, in the north of Scotland. In Spain, they are usually steamed, although preferences vary according to the area.

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