Back in May, we worked with a couple of the top English news channels in India to provide insights and intelligence about Indian elections as mined from social media data. One of the challenges that we took up was to show if elections results could be predicted by applying AI to 100s of millions of social media conversations.

For the first time, we are publicly reproducing the analysis done by Frrole BA team. We will let you judge how much we got it right (now that we all know the results of the elections)

Our work shows that if accurate algorithms and AI can be leveraged with expertise, they can become powerful methods for predicting consumer trends, behavior and possible results of major campaigns - for public organizations or consumer brands alike. …

In the previous article, we covered how neuroticism (one of the traits under the Big Personality Model) is not a toxic trait to have and it’s a myth that neurotic employees or candidates toxify the workplace environment.

Today, we will be talking about the next biggest trait that’s found in most of us: ‘Procrastination’.

Procrastination, over the years, has been assumed as a negative trait at workplace that is associated with lack of conscientiousness, lazy attitude, inactivity, lack of self-discipline, and missing deadlines.

Most hiring managers prefer hiring someone who’s punctual, dedicated, goal-oriented, organized, and committed to completing the tasks on time. These candidates (high on conscientiousness under the Big Five Personality traits) are assumed to be highly dependable, perseverant, and timely accomplish the set goals and tasks. …

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Neuroticism, one of the five major Big 5 Personality traits, is a measure to understand a person’s reactivity to negative emotions like anxiety, anger, depression, self-consciousness, and stress.

Most hiring managers are inclined towards hiring ‘extroverted’ talents who look enthusiastic, super-charged with a positive outlook, and display the confidence to handle any situation or are ready to face any challenge.

The common assumption is that an extrovert will foster good vibes in the team and bring in the positive energies to motivate the co-workers in doing their best.

On the other hand, a candidate who appears highly neurotic is less preferred. It is assumed that a neurotic person will not be a great team-player. A neurotic employee’s negativity can affect the morale and productivity of the co-workers. …

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“If you want to create messages that resonate with your audience, you need to know what they care about.” Nate Elliott, Marketing Technology Advisor

Social Media for any brand across the globe, large or small, has become the cornerstone of inbound marketing strategy to attract and engage their customers. While social media stands out to be a key platform for organic lead generation and content marketing, engagement is vital to ensure brands are attracting the right market and audience. To do so, social listening and monitoring is key and can’t be skipped from the marketing plan. Those conversations have hidden data that can be analyzed and leveraged to further strategize marketing campaigns.

So, how can brands decipher those interactions and engagements to drive success?

The Big Shift: Social to Social…


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