10 Frugal Daddy Daughter Dates

Men, it is time to rise up. We are key roles in our daughters lives, if you don’t take this role she will surely look to find it somewhere. It does not matter how old your daughter is, what matters is that you are spending time with her and she knows how much you care about her.

No matter how old they get there are lots of great Daddy Daughter Dates that can range in expense, they can cost next to nothing. It is our job as father’s to teach our daughters how important they are, how to dress modestly, and how they SHOULD be treated (and how they should expect to be treated) when they are on a date. It is time to remind our daughters that they are the key to their dates masculinity. If they do not see this from us, they won’t expect it from others. No matter how old your daughter is here a just a few of ideas that depending on your budget can be as budget friendly or as expensive as you like.

1. Create something Together

My 2 year old loves to color (now that she stopped eating the crayons). Whether your daughter is 2 or 10 take some time to get involved in a craft that she likes to do. I know you are looking at me like, “But I hate <fill in the blank>.” It doesn’t matter whether you are good at it or not. Take some time to create a craft together whether you go to a store like Color Me Mine in Eagan, MN or Michaels or just a little coloring book at home which you can pick up at the Dollar Tree.

2. Make or Watch a Movie Together

Movie at the theater or movie at home all depends on how much you have to spend. You can easily make a movie at home extremely special with some special homemade popcorn or any of her favorite sweat treats (maybe ice cream). If you want to get out of the house away from other distractions there are quite frequently many smaller theaters like the Hopkins Minnesota Theater that offers 2 $ matinees. There are also Free Family Flicks at many theaters on Saturdays that you can check out like at Mall of America.

If she isn’t to interested in seeing a movie, you could always create your own movie together. Take the time to create a music video, family movie, fun movie, whatever she might like. With smartphones as capable as they are now pretty much anyone can create their own movies.

3. Read Together

If she is little enough this can be as simple as sitting down at reading to her, but as she gets older she may interested in just reading to herself. So grab some coffee and a special drink for her and hit a book store or a barnes and noble and just enjoy a good book. You can also always choose another alternative that does not allow beverages over at the library where you can borrow as many books as you choose and not spend anything.

4. Enjoy the outdoors together

Whether it has wheels or not, spending the time outside together with your daughter is inexpensive great exercise and makes for great memories. Pack a simple peanut butter and jelly picnic or maybe something a little more special for an older child and set out on a fun adventure.

5. Tea Parties

Man up and dress up, it’ll mean the world to her to drink tea with Daddy.

6. Gardening

Showing her how to tend a garden helps her to truly appreciate where the food comes from. It can always be a great way to just make a mess in the mud and dirt as well.

7. Volunteer Together

Take the time to volunteer with your daughter, this will show her the true meaning of giving of your time, it may be out of your comfort zone and it may be time consuming, but she will remember how important volunteer is. It costs nothing, but the gains can be unending.

8. Fishing/Hunting

These are life skills that all children should be taught, bait a hook and string a line. It’s messy and slimy so don’t be dismayed if maybe your daughter isn’t to excited at first. She may look back in another ten years at the great memories.

9. Picnicking

Pack up and pick her favorite meal and go to her favorite park with her for a simple picnic meal.

10. Making a Meal Together

Making a meal together is not only an inexpensive date with your daughter, but there is a three fold return on cooking together. Cooking together gives you an opportunity to teach her about cooking, learning what spices are and how to use them, it also allows you the ability to involve her in the meals and like I said it doesn’t have to be expensive and this can take place quite regularly quite easily.

11. Teach her to Defend herself/ Take Judo/Martial Arts or Defense Class with them

This last one I am planning on doing with my daughter and I encourage every father out there to do. With all that you hear on the news, your daughter needs to know that she is valuable enough to protect her and teaching her that shows your desire to protect her even when you can’t be there. At the same time as you are teaching her this, teach her that she can be a pretty princess at class and still kick butt. Don’t be afraid of getting knocked on your butt because being able to train with her dad will show her what she is worth.

Is there something I have missed
 that has worked well for you?

Originally published at www.frugaldod.com on November 13, 2015.

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