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My Cat Doesn’t Care If My Kid Is Transgender

Joseph came from the RSPCA. Midnight black fur, a chilled-out relaxed personality and a penchant for asking for his lunch at 3 am.

He’s been surrendered twice, but didn’t seem to upset by this.

My son and I were providing his forever home, finally.

I can’t help but think that Joseph chose us, and how lucky we were to be selected.

I love watching Joseph sleepily balance on the back of my couch and I can’t help but be in awe of how amazing he really is.

I talk to him a lot. When I told him that my son had ‘come out’ as transgender, he simply looked at me, wriggled around and went back to sleep.

When I revealed to him that my son had a new name and would now be known as Harry, he simply walked off, tail in the air and into a sunshiney spot.

When I divulged to my cat that Harry had some new clothes, from the boy’s section of the store, he showed me his fangs in a great big yawn.

When Harry talks about the boy he has a crush on and calls himself the cat’s big brother, Joseph simply rolls around on his back, stomach to the air, demanding an unspoken tickle.

Wouldn’t it be really something if human beings were the same? Not caring what your preferences are, but simply loving you for who you are. Wouldn’t it be great if people didn’t get wrapped up in your identity based on the shape of your body? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we took everyone as they are and didn’t try to pigeonhole them, based on looks.

Cats are such amazing creatures, they’ll be your best friend and give you the space you need. They’ll listen to you when you have a problem and only ask that in return you feed them, love them, and find them a warm soft space to sleep.

Cats don’t make judgements, they’re notoriously reliable in their behaviour and they make the cuddliest of bed pals — when they’re not sleeping sideways.

Joseph doesn’t care if my son is transgender, so why should anybody else?