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Originally published on Gone Feral

I absolutely love lemons.

From their size, to their shape, to their smell, their decorative beauty, to their usefulness.

I especially like that when you slice them and put them in cold water, the water actually begins to taste like a gin and tonic after a short while. But, at a fraction of the price — and without a raging hangover the next day.

I love that you can clean with them, especially glasses. How they cut through grease, can be composted, can be baked with, and you can also wee upon them if you…

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Previously Published On Gone Feral

As a cheapskate, I have long been an advocate for clever thinking when eating. It’s all too easy to fall into the takeout trap, and before you know it, you’ve spent a week’s worth of grocery money on one single meal. I know, I used to do it — a lot.

This is where I can not sing the praises enough, of the humble and the cheap crock pot.

From making pudding, to bread, to jacket potatoes, to curries, it can do everything — at a fraction of the cost of a normal oven or…

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Originally published on my blog at Gone Feral.

It’s true — I live in a house full of Grinches.

Last night, I decided it was time to put the Christmas tree up. Now let me be clear by saying that we don’t really do presents, we don’t do anything commercial relating to Christmas, we are not a $1000 per person Christmas gift and eating and excess sort of family.

We have a lovely meal shared with those we love and have pretty decorations that bring cheer to the home.

Except I am the only one who wanted them. Neither my…

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Originally Published by me, at Off-Grid Ferals

When you live off-grid or partially off-grid or even if you simply care about making the most of what is special about our planet, you may have strong connections to nature, especially the seasons.

I am quite obsessed with the weather. My weather app is opened (several times) daily and I enjoy interpreting graphs, numbers and little icons.

If it’s rainy, you know it’s a good time to do the washing, the water tanks won’t miss the litres you steal from them to keep your clothing clean. You know the garden will benefit…

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It really hit me the Christmas my six-year-old child spent time ripping off wrapping paper mindlessly, lobbing the present down and moving on to the next one. He hardly looked at what had revealed itself from beneath the paper, before moving on, automaton-like, to the next gift.

Literally two weeks later, I decided that was it. I was becoming a minimalist, getting my sh** together and taking my kid for the ride.

Christmas had become a mess. I was allowing the notion that more presents equaled more love to meddle with my mind. It wasn’t happening again.

Sometime in early…

Callie’s Feet Photographed By Blythe Wood

Unlike the other day, when someone tried to scam us, we actually did become proud dog parents today.

We now have eight-week old Callie, a beautiful, co-operative and sweet-natured border collie. Named after a dog we love, owned by one of our favourite Youtube stars, Shawn, at My Self Reliance.

We toyed with several names first.

Would it be Katie? No- I’d already had three black male cats with that name, in the past. How about Anna? No, my husband works with an Anna, and my son’s arch nemesis is named Hosanna, so not that either. …

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It’s been a long time coming.

But finally my partner, child, cat and myself have moved onto our tiny smallholding.

Our house is 100 years old and small. It’s a tiny Australian cottage with a veranda, two bedrooms, a dining room, living room, kitchen, laundry nook and bathroom. The piece de resistance is is the garden.

Surrounded by hills, open pasture and woodland we are blessed to be on 3/4 of an acre of organic loveliness and tasty vegetables. Along with our two chickens Zippy and Bungle, we are constantly in a state of excitement. …

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On our local Facebook buy and sell earlier this week, we were excited to see a tiny corgi puppy being offered as a giveaway. Pure bred, 14 weeks and with a rather stupid name, nonetheless we thought it prudent to investigate.

My chap quickly got onto the link, in the hope that perhaps we might be the perfect couple to re-home this tiny, fluffy creature.

An immediate response came from the “seller”. Could we please contact them via email, instead of Facebook, also no response to any of the questions we asked.

Nothing much wrong with that really, a bit…

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I feel like I have been searching my whole life. Searching for the book that clicks into place with my quirky, addled psyche. Occasionally I have found one, so good, so earth-altering, so amazing, that it’s swept me off my toes.

But there haven’t been many.

My favourite five books, in no particular order have been…

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte — brooding, dark, gothic and oh so haunting on the windswept Yorkshire Moors.

Charlotte Sometimes by Penelope Farmer — nothing to do with the fact that I was a HUGE Cure fan back in the day. Also nothing to do with the fact that…


Mum to teen transgender son, organic gardener, herb enthusiast, reader, writer and all-round knowledge-sponge, lover of black cats.

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