Angst of a H1B worker

I recently started following this youtube channel. Kumar is a H1B worker from india who is fed up with the whole system of “Consultants” in USA and how its luring workers from India. He brings up the falsehood upon which the careers of this kind of employees is based upon and how they forget basic morals in order to earn big bucks. The sad thing is its not like these people are earning low wages. They are earning decent wages to easily support their family. But this does not stop them from exploiting many ways to earn extra cash. Sometimes I wonder how such a large portion of population is living in this false reality based on a lie.

The side effect of this is that many people who have actually worked hard and secured a real job are being mistook for these consultant workers. And the consultant workers tend to be so immersed in their way of life that they feel everyone else must be doing the same thing as themselves.

It really saddens me to think that there are so many people living like this. Hope we have a solution for this.

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