Excellent piece Dale, but the ending feels more like an ellipsis than a conclusion.
Ben Friedman

A real progressive like Sanders will always have trouble appealing to this crowd because he is sincere. And among the 4chaners Sincerity is a cardinal sin. I’m a gen-xer, so I have native speaker’s fluency in irony and cynicism, but I still got a lump in my throat when I watched Bernie’s “America” ad, and I cried when he lost. That means I can still feel hope, and sincerity can only appeal to those capable of feeling hope. It sounds like the people Beran is describing have lost that facility. So, no, I don’t think the left will be appealing to them any time soon, and the election of Tom Perez makes this even more unlikely.

However, let’s just say that by some divine intervention and miracle of miracles the Democrats took to heart the lessons of the last election, and started putting populist red meat economic issues at the top of their priority list. Let’s say they banned corporate funding and super Pac funding for their candidates’ campaigns and focused on issues like getting rid of student debt and free college tuition and universal health care. Let’s say they proposed the same damn things Bernie did without killing these ideas in the cradle, and ran on them, instead of fucking “Stronger Together.” (Btw, if there was ever a bullshit campaign slogan created by elites designed to not to say or promise anything, it’s “Stronger Together.”)

Just maybe if the Democrats ran with a real message that resounded with people, they might win. And if they win ,they have a chance to put these policies in place. And if they put these policies in place, it will improve the lives of these men. They’ll be able to not just take a daily shower, but go to the doctor, get their teeth fixed, and go to school. They might even move out of the basement.

That doesn’t mean they’ll support the left. They might still be the kind of morons who think they pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps instead of owing any of their success to society like so many conservatives who think their success is nothing but a product of their own hard work. But their improved condition will benefit society as a whole.

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