Bronze, Silver and Gold! Who makes it to the podium?

The Olympics are here. 
1.) It’s always fascinating every 4 years to watch athletes pour their hearts and their soul into the competition.
These athletes and teams all have their eyes on the victory target. In the process of competing, they will educate us, they will inspire us and they will entertain us with the show they put on.
2.) Win or lose, they are champions! Making it to the Olympics is no easy feat and kudos to every one of these champions who’ve done so. 
At the end of the games, there will be winners and (unfortunately) losers. Some will be selected to get on the podium. Others will have to watch from the sidelines.
3.) For each sporting event or race; it’s not the top 20 that will make it to the podium. It’s not the top 10, or top 5 that will. 
It’s the top 3 that get to stand on the podium. 
Three people that will be recognised as winners. 
Three people that will take home a medal. Bronze, Silver or Gold. (Threelly).