What are the people saying about street wear?

Street wear is a topic that is not brought up very often, but will come up under different circumstances. It’s something that different people have drastically different opinions of. Many parents, for example, have different opinions. I had a talk with some family this past weekend, at my uncles house.

Parents often think differently about what is expensive vs. what is okay to pay for depending on their income, and how careful they are with money. This past weekend was my uncles birthday, and a lot of family was there. While everyone was talking, my mom brought up to another aunt that she thought I was crazy for recently paying $130 on a pair of Adidas NMD. One aunt looked at me and said, “Really Chris? That’s a lot of money!” However, my cousin looked at them and said, “That’s not that much, I usually spend more on my shoes.” Both of them looked at his like he was crazy, and I realized how different people think on spending money, and clothing in general. My mom and my aunt were surprised because we make a lot less a year than my cousins family does. Although my dad makes enough to the point where I do not get financial aid, we still are not living lavish. We are living average. My other aunt are most likely at the same place. However, my cousins family makes a lot of money. The party was at their 4 story house in San Francisco. The shocked look on my aunt and my moms face quickly left, after realizing that they have a lot more money than us, so they spend it all much more quickly. To my cousin, $130 is not a lot, because he owns a lot more expensive things. He owns a BMW M3, and just bought himself a brand new Mercedes CLA45 AMG. All of the clothes he wears are also expensive brands, and he works with his dad, who owns a business. He’s never had to get a job outside of his family. So of course, to him, the object of buying more expensive Supreme or Louis Vuitton or YSL items are not a problem. However, for families like mine, it is a lot harder.

There are also videos on the internet of how people react to the different costs of street wear, including in this video from Richie Le. He has a friend, who is a girl, guess the cost of many different items, including Yeezy 750’s, Supreme box logo hoodies, and a variety of other things, including Bape collaborationssand a variety of Jordans. This is pretty hip girl, who has dated guys who have been into street wear before. However, this girl was pretty bad at guessing which of two prices were the correct price. She received a final score of 3/7, and said that, to girls, it’s just important that a dude looks nice, it doesn’t matter what the cost of the items that he wears is. That just goes to show, that for the most part, girls don’t care what an item costs. Half of the items that were more expensive she assumed weren’t as expensive, but dudes still go out of their way to buy them. She says that she does not really know what is expensive, and most girls do not. That just goes to show, that for the most part, guys are the ones into expensive clothing.

There has also been a grandpa who has been featured on many big social media outlets, including Hypebeast, Complex, and many more. His name is Alojz Abram, and he is killing the street wear game at 71. This grandpa was introduced into street wear by his 20 year old grandson, and he is now making a lot of noise in the street wear community, because he is still rocking items like Supreme, Stussy, Louie V, and Adidas, even in his old age. It just goes to show, you don’t have to be young to rock these brands.

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