messaging is likely to replace apps themselves
On chat as interface
Alistair Croll

Do you have any information that can prove this point? Is a fat point and the whole article seems to rest on it, but so far it seems a personal opinion.

I could imagine other replacements for apps, like the web itself, browsers-as-a-platform like Chrome; and also processes that could change the way we relate to apps themselves, like location based apps, download-and-delete-as-you-go (immediate download, use and dispose of apps when needed) with Gigabit connectivity, and more.

If you think more short time, then IoT could make for a renewed need to download apps as different devices have different needs, or as IoT-integrator systems. Also, VR could allow you to interact with located interfaces, and why not, things as interfaces: you grab a peble from the table, you turn it right and the tv volume goes down…

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